Minister Jim Daly Officiates H2Olabcheck Laboratory opening in Bandon

The date of August 22 will go down in the history of our company as the day when our H2Olabcheck Water Quality and Innovation Laboratory has officially opened its doors for the first time.

California jury orders Monsanto to pay school groundskeeper $289 million in Roundup weed-killer court trial

A case of serious health issues caused by a well-known weedkiller containing glyphosates...

Innovations: GMIT plans to use drones to test water in lakes

Galway-Mayo IT will use drones to control the quality of water on lakes. The project is supported by EPA.

High levels of Trihalomethane. Symptoms and consequences

Why is Chlorine added into the tap water? Does it bring any harm to my health? Here's a brief explainer...

EU to take action over 'dangerous' drinking water

The European Commission has issued a warning to the Irish Government to improve the safety of drinking water.

Promoters of H2Olabcheck featured in recent Southern Star Newspaper

It’s always a pleasure when your efforts are appreciated so we are delighted to start this week as a feature in the local press...

Do you drink tap water? 06 Jul, 2018 03:59

Do you drink tap water?

During the past week, H2Olabcheck carried out a poll on Facebook that reveals 44% of people do not drink water straight from their tap. Why does it matter?

Conductivity in your water? Here's a brief explainer...

Conductivity is a measure of the level of salts in your water. These salts give flavour and taste, but only in the right amounts… in the same way your dinner tastes better with just a pinch of salt. Salts are otherwise known as minerals, hence the name

EPA voice concerns over water quality at five Dublin beaches...

The EPA’s 2017 Bathing Water report has found that water in five of Dublin's 15 beaches in Portrane, Rush South, Loughshinny, Merrion

So what are Nitrates in my water and where do they come from?

Farmers spread fertilizers on land which contain many crop nutrients including Nitrates. Some of these products leach into our well water supplies, especially after heavy rain. Nitrates on their own are not harmful to humans. However, according to...

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