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Environmental compliance testing.
Test Parameters
Alkalinity Aluminium Ammonia (As NH4 ) BOD Chloride COD Conductivity Copper Hardness Iron Lead Magnesium Manganese Nitrates Oil, Fats and Grease ph Sodium Sulphate Total Phosphate Turbidity Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons
This test enables communities that operate a shared wastewater scheme to determine compliance levels against the...
Test Parameters
Ammonia (As NH4 ) BOD COD ph Suspended Solids Total Nitrogen Total Phosphate Turbidity
Performance analysis of activated sludge.
Test Parameters
BOD COD ph Suspended Solids Mixed Liquor Suspended Solids (MLSS) Sludge biotic index Total Microorganism Present Free Swimming Ciiliates Stalk / Attached Ciliates Testate Amoeba Crawling Ciliates Flagellates Small Metazoan Floc Formation Analysis
A check on the potentail polluter of a leachate.
Test Parameters
Alkalinity Ammonia (As NH4 ) BOD COD Conductivity Dissolved Solids (TDS) ph Suspended Solids Turbidity

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