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To evaluate the aquarium water quality.
Test Parameters
Ammonia (As NH4 ) Free Chlorine Hardness Nitrite ph Total Phosphate
Permeated water quality test product of the Reverse Osmosis process. Suitable for pre and post-treated water.
Test Parameters
Ammonia (As NH4 ) Chloride COD Conductivity Nitrates Nitrite ph Suspended Solids Turbidity
Performance analysis of activated sludge.
Test Parameters
Sludge biotic index
Quality control of the water used and/or reused in an industrial process.
Test Parameters
Ammonia (As NH4 ) Chloride COD Conductivity Langelier Saturation Index Nitrates Nitrite ph Suspended Solids Temperature Turbidity
Compliance with environmental regulations.
Test Parameters
BOD Total Bacteria Count (TBC's) E Coli Enterococci Legionella Total Coliform
A check on the potentail polluter of a leachate.
Test Parameters
Alkalinity Ammonia (As NH4 ) BOD COD Conductivity Dissolved Solids (TDS) ph Suspended Solids Turbidity
This water quality compliance test is needed by Food Business Operators (FBOs) and other organisations audited...
Test Parameters
Total Bacteria Count (TBC's) E Coli Enterococci Total Coliform
To ensure collected rain water is suitable for consumption or bathing. For any other purposes we recommend...
Test Parameters
Total Bacteria Count (TBC's) E Coli Enterococci ph Total Dissolved Solids (TDS)
This test is used to determine whether a sample of water is suitable for the production of concrete.
Test Parameters
Alkalinity Chloride Colour Lead Nitrates Odour Oil, Fats and Grease ph Sodium Sulphate Detergents (Surfactants) Total Phosphate Zinc Settleable Solids Sugars Humic Matter
Heavy metal
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To determine whether the heavy metal content of water renders it suitable for drinking
Test Parameters
Aluminium Arsenic Cadmium Total Chromium Lead Mercury Nickel Selenium Sodium
A complete check on a private water supply for a wide range of possible chemical and bacterial contaminants...
Test Parameters
Aluminium Ammonia (As N) Antimony Arsenic Boron Cadmium Total Chromium Chloride Total Bacteria Count (TBC's) Colour Conductivity Copper E Coli Enterococci Fluoride Hardness Iron Lead Manganese Nickel Nitrates Nitrite Odour ph Selenium Sodium Sulphate Turbidity
Checking your mains water for parameters that can lead to corrosion
Test Parameters
Alkalinity Hardness Langelier Saturation Index ph Total Dissolved Solids (TDS)

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