So what are Nitrates in my water and where do they come from?

03 May, 2018 04:20

Nitrates in water

Farmers spread fertilisers on land which contain many crop nutrients including Nitrates. Some of these products leach into our well water supplies, especially after heavy rain. Nitrates on their own are not harmful to humans. However, according to studies by the World Health Organisation (WHO), nitrates react in our stomachs to form nasty substances known as nitrosamines which are considered carcinogenic. It is believed nitrosamines cause stomach cancer and other deadly diseases of the digestive system. For any parents of new born babies, it is also worth noting that very high levels of nitrates are known to cause blue baby syndrome, a heart condition that affects infants under 6 months. Get in touch with us now if you wish to know more about nitrates in your water.

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