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Drinking Water Test Kits

Public Mains Water Quality Assesment. Private Wells Water Testing.
Product name Purpose Test parameter Price Action
A check for the presence of carcinogenic by-products of incineration or the presence of heavy fuel oils. Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons $ 92.96 View product
Test for evidence of faecal and residual industry contamination in surface water due to slurry contamination. Ammonia (As NH3 ) , BOD , COD , Total Bacteria Count (TBC's) , E Coli , Enterococci , Nitrates , ph , Potassium , Suspended Solids , Total Coliform , Total Nitrogen , Total Phosphate $ 165.51 View product
Total Bacteria Count (TBC's) , E Coli , Enterococci , Total Coliform $ 86.68 View product

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