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Testing your water has now never been easier, simply purchase a test kit, fill the bottle provided and return it to the address on the back of your kit.

What Our Customers Say

Tom B


I'm selling my house at the moment so I had my well water tested with H2O labcheck. The kit arrived promptly and I was relieved to get ‘green lights' beside all my results! I'm not a scientist or technical person really but I found the report was easy to read and answered any questions I had. Overall, very happy with the service. Thanks H2O labcheck. Tom B, Co. Tipperary

Quentin G


My wife is pregnant with our first child so we just got our water tested to be sure it's safe to drink. Glad we did as we discovered the bacteria levels were dangerously high. Would definitely recommend H2O labcheck. Quentin G, Co. Galway

Clare M


Me and my wife run a small food company in Co Mayo. We had our water tested for E Coli and enterococci and I'm glad to say we got the all clear. Was delighted to see those ‘green lights' beside each result as the water is used as an ingredient in all our produce. Would definitely recommend H2O labcheck. Clare M, Co. Mayo

Aidan O'S


H2O labcheck tested my swimming pool water. Was very happy with the test results. I expect I'll be using them every year. Aidan O'S, Co. Donegal

Paddy C


I had my mains water tested for lead recently cos my house is in an older part Dublin. I was glad to see that my lead levels were within EU limits. Thanks H2O labcheck for giving me the peace of mind. Paddy C, Co. Dublin

Mark C


I purchased my water test kit to see if it complied with the quality standards for washing down my dairy equipment. The report was informative and helpful in meeting my compliance requirements. Mark C, Co. Kildare

Rita J


As a hotel manager, I needed to ensure that our swimming pool water and hot water systems are compliant. The reports we received from H2Olabcheck gave us the reassurance that our hotel bathing water was safe for use. I'd be happy to use them again. Rita J, Co. Kerry

Jerry B


I've been operating a community wastewater treatment plant for years and always struggled to understand how well it was working. The report from H2Olabcheck helped me understand where the issues were and they continue to help me achieve compliance with our licence. Jerry B, Co. Longford

Anne Marie R


Outstanding customer service, our water was tested and the problems diagnosed and treated with amazing speed. This resulted in improved health and well-being for all the family. Anne Marie R, Co. Cork

Latest Developments

Introducing... labcheck LIMS™

With over 20 year's experience in water & environmental testing, we developed our own systems to manage your water sample information safely and securely.

World Environment Day 2018

On 5th June 2018, we celebrate World Environment Day. This year focuses on the burning issue of Plastic Pollution.

We Recycle!

All our water test kits are made from recyclable materials. Our labs recycle all kits received so their materials can be reused and repurposed.

Test Kit Tracking System

All our water test kits have unique Lab Reference numbers meaning we can always track what kit went where.

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